Five presets designed exclusively for RAW drone images. Straight out of camera, drone shots can be very hard to work on. These presets are a very solid starting point in giving your images the life they deserve!

Daylight Drone Color and Contrast boost: This will give flat looking daylight images some much needed punch. Adjust white balance and brush in some water color as required!

Drone Beach: This will apply warm tones to the sand but you will need to balance this out with the correct water color. The easiest way to do is to run a graduating filter starting just above the water line, out to the edge of the water. Decrease the temperature and add a blue color. Play around with these until you achieve a natural balance. You should then use an adjustment brush with a range mask set to mask the white areas, and either drop the saturation down on this brush, or up the temperature. Run this carefully over both surfers and whitewash to make sure that they lose the blue coloring. Add an exposure radial filter to the edge of the image to provide a light source!

Drone burning skies: Straight out of camera, Sunrise/sunset images from DJI drones tend to be very flat with a purple color cast. Preset one boosts contrast and provides a reduction to the purple/blue color casting. Preset two is a more artistic variation on this. Add graduating and radial filters as required.

Drone water color boost: Fix that nasty looking water color up with the press of a button! Works best on “water only” images, but tweak it as you need!

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